NIWA & Solaris Offgrid announce partnership

NIWA & Solaris Offgrid announce global pricing and availability details of their integrated product solutions.

PaygOps, the pay-as-you-go leasing management software developed by Solaris Offgrid, is now one of the few chosen paygo platforms pre-integrated with NIWA™ product line.

Paygops platform distributors can now extend their product portfolios to include latest state of the art digital solar solutions from NIWA™ including ENERGY Series and HOME X Series.

At the same time NIWA distributors can take advantage of Paygops special features. PaygOps is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that stands out by its design, putting a strong emphasis on post-sales experience, and allowing distributors to customize their own workflows within PaygOps and with several third-party best-in-class apps.

PaygOps is available with NIWA™ products starting from this month of June 2020.

For pricing and other details please reach out to us via

NIWA Solar is a leading manufacturer of home solar solutions for the consumer market. With its innovative solar systems, solar appliances, solar lanterns and unique production setup NIWA Solar is uniquely positioned to be the leading consumer solar company in the world.

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